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    Friday, November 15, 2013


    a blur
    lack of motivation
    falling sick before tests
    cheap food
    give up

    supportive friends
    supportive parents
    too much clubbing
    too much drinking

    i have literally lost all motivation for anything. i feel like a living corpse in this undead army just roaming about to get this stupid degree. this degree for what? to live this same cycle over and over again. to get a job to work to earn money to provide your family with money to buy things you like. eat sleep work repeat? okay maybe cancel out eat and sleep.

    i have a test tomorrow at 11am, i'm not even back in hall yet. my finals are next friday and i am completely clueless about PC1431 and MA1505

    CAP 2.0? lets go

    there is a perpetual look of grief in everyones eyes. i guess i feel slightly comforted knowing that i'm not alone. but what is life when you are living but you'd rather die.

    there is a complete lack of meaning in my life.

    on a lighter note, my loyal reader since 2009 (yes i smiled at her and she sat beside me during tutorial on the first day, and on the third day she told me she had been reading my blog since sec 3 LOL) has become one of my good friends in NUS. i guess thats one of the only amazing parts of being in university- you get to meet friends that you would probably keep forever. Hi mengting :-)

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