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    Friday, December 6, 2013

    day 1 of eating clean is going relatively well! i'm becoming a fitness freak...

    today i had an egg and tuna sandwich for lunch (i woke up at 3 LOL) which i almost puked out bc i did insanity's pure cardio and almost died. i literally collapsed onto the floor. i managed to whip up some nice clean food for myself: boiled chye sim, baked chicken breast and 3 slices of smoked salmon. not too sure if smoked salmon is clean.. but whatever LOL. well dinner wasnt enough for me so im munching on a fuji apple as im typing this with one hand. havent been to the gym this entire week :-( but ive done insanity 3 days so i guess thats okay right???

    i want a nice body >:(

    ive clubbed 3 times this week gawd

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