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    Monday, September 16, 2013

    so i've been missing in action for quite some time now.. i've been on a gym journey! hahaha i've been gymming quite a lot recently and i seriously love sweating it out right now.

    i've never felt so healthy in my life.. this really made me realise how freaking fat and unfit i was then

    THIS WAS ME IN 2011. WTF HOLY SHIT. "and in the enclosure behind me we have a rare breed of elephant" WTF i cant believe how ugly i looked.

    and this is me a couple of weeks back/ clubbing yesterday

    LOL it really feels damn good to hear people ask you if you've lost weight. it really makes my day LOL

    well i cant wait to gym again this week. i want to try get abs HAHAHA lets hope this healthy lifestyle stays! AND THE IRONY OF IT ALL: I was fat and in a relationship, and now i'm less fat but i have been a lonely miserable single worm for like what almost 10 months already. life sucks. where are the handsome uni boys at T.T

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    Anonymous said...

    Just wondering! What do you do when you're at the gym? Threadmill etc??