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    Friday, June 21, 2013

    cabbage soup diaries day 3

    hey guys im back~

    lol its so weird its like im blogging everyday after not blogging at all for months..

    haha so yes its the end of the third day of my cabbage soup diet

    i dont get hunger pangs but i get huge cravings for meat and carbs and i keep thinking of cheese..*drools*

    so anyway the third day of the diet is a mixture of the first two days. i can only eat any type of vegetables, any type of fruit (except bananas), and the stupid cabbage soup. no baked potato today T.T T.T T.T

    for breakfast i woke up craving lots of sweet stuff. so i dived in for the mangoes and strawberries. yum. obviously they werent filling enough so i drank a bowl of that stupid cabbage soup. for lunch i had more cabbage soup because i ate all the asparagus i just kept drinking cabbage soup till my mom came back.

    i forced my mom to buy more asparagus and lettuce from the supermarket lol. for dinner i had asparagus with cai por (preserved raddish still counted as vegetables hor), more stupid cabbage soup and lettuce with italian dressing. for some strange reason i actually feel guilty putting the italian dressing on my lettuce. felt hungry after so i ate an apple.

    the good thing about this diet is that you can eat as much as you want...just not what you want T.T

    tomorrow will be day 4 which means i FINALLY get to drink skimmed milk. my body lacks so much calcium and protein right now its not even funny. but then again this is the small price i pay for vanity. my dad told me i look like i lost weight. yay! too bad i'm only gonna weigh myself after this whole diet. i do feel a lot healthier though.

    food im gonna eat after monday: mcspicy/ filet o fish/ mc griddles/ scrambled eggs/ carrot cake white one/ egg prata/ burritos/ salmon nigiri/ shiok maki/ omu god the list goes on. my stomach is growling again zzz im just gonna sleep so i dont have to think about food urgh.


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