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    Thursday, June 20, 2013

    cabbage soup diaries: day 2

    its day three now but i'll just give you a brief overview of day two of the cabbage soup diet that i embarked on a few days ago.

    basically on day 2, i'm not allowed to eat fruits. i'm only supposed to eat as many vegetables as i want, and that stupid dreaded cabbage soup which absolutely sickens me right now. i am so sick of the tomato puree taste and all that awful cabbage ugh...the price i pay for vanity

    so.. for breakfast i had boiled asparagus with a little bit of some strange sauce that i found in my fridge. the sauce was absolutely necessary but anyway its low in salt so its allowed i guess. i also had salad (think lettuce) but i cheated a little and put a little bit of italian dressing on it (what could i do i was seriously dying)

    for lunch i had more asparagus and stupid cabbage soup. i think i had two or three bowls because i was so hungry.

    and then FOR DINNER. omg it was the BEST PART EVER. on day two you're allowed to have one baked potato for dinner. it has to be plain though. with just a little bit of butter. it tasted SO HEAVENLY. i added chives on my potato (chives are vegetables LOL) and some spicy herb seasoning. it was so good i had a mouth orgasm seriously.

    after dinner i was still so hungry i snacked on cherry tomatoes at night. my body was really feeling the lack of sugar so i just went to bed

    the bad: i feel full but full of the wrong food. my body is craving carbs and protein like never before and i drool and salivate at the slightest thought of a macspicy... but well its already day 3 and i intend to stick to this.

    also, i feel extremely faint and weak probably from the lack of calories. so guys, if you ever intend to do this cabbage soup diet. PLEASE TAKE A LOT OF VITAMIN C PILLS. i took one this morning and felt sooo much better.

    will update you all on day 3 later tonight! let me know if you want pictures of my food lol!

    oh yes! also because of this diet, im drinking water like never before and its seriously such a great way of detoxification. my pee is literally clear. i feel like one hydrated bitch. also my complexion is getting better because of the hydration! whoohoo!!!! pretty glad i decided to embark on this diet thing.


    ooh i also forgot to mention that i'm pretty active on my askfm! sooo if anything: :D

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