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    Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    cabbage soup diet

    just started on the cabbage soup diet today

    its SO HARD TO STICK TO IT (well but its only the first day i'll probably get used to it)

    my friend tried it and lost 4kg in a week soooo since my birthday's coming...whee!!!! My mom kinda forced me into it because she wanted a diet buddy but right now im craving endless macspicies and salmon sushi and...


    its only the first day!!!!!!!

    i can't wait for tomorrow night because tomorrow night i get to eat one whole baked potato all to myself :') :') i'll let you guys know whether this works or not! (and whether i can actually stick to it)

    and also the diet says strictly NO sweet drinks or alcohol, which is great because i really REALLY need to detox.

    so its been half a day since the diet and i feel very hungry but also pretty clean LOL its really great for bowel improvement too. im just really stoked for my baked potato T.T T.T T.T

    today i have eaten: 3 bowls of cabbage soup, an apple, and a few slices of mangoes. MAY MY BAKED POTATO TASTE GREAT TOMORROW

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