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    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Things I need to get:

    1) Preorder copeland's new album (Ixora)
    2) Bloom by Beach House
    3) Thread my eyebrows
    4) A manicure
    5) Concealer (does anyone know of good under eye concealers?)

    Things I need to do:

    For everyone joining university this year,
    it is very very very normal to fuck up your first year. Because honestly, you aren't used to the work load yet, so you don't know how much time you need to commit to studying, you don't know how consistent you have to be. ITS OKAY. A lot of people screw up their first year- I know I did.

    I'll be working for F1 this year! Pretty stoked, I'll be working at the grandstand. Holla if you see me ;-)


    Aditya Bhardwaj said...

    You have really got a nice blog and the most wonderful part is that, you are still on it.
    I stumbled upon on 2011 archive of this blog and I just kept on reading through it. Was very interesting to see your transition from a teenager to an adult. :)

    BTW, I am in my first year and live in India. I am now a follower of your blog!

    Stephanie said...

    Hi!!!! I am honestly so touched and flattered that you frequent my humble blog :')

    Many blessings from Singapore! <3