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    Tuesday, September 30, 2014


    After reading the article about Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui a few days ago, not to mention being extremely active on the latter's FB page till I got blocked from commenting (LOL) Here's my take on this entire return our CPF thing.

    Here's 1 thing I realised from this entire saga. Most of HHH's supporters are very lowly educated that speak very poor english.

    Like seriously, most of them don't speak english.

    Proof here

    and here

    wtf is this person saying?

    Why do they support her? Because they don't understand. They think that the government is taking away their money. Increase minimum sum means they get their money later. They say "how do we survive?" Increase the withdrawal age to 65 means they will die. No money. Cannot survive.

    Are they right?


    ANY educated person would understand that Singapore is an aging population. Right now during chinese new year when we have reunion dinners, we see 6-7 of our uncles and aunties. That is typical of 1 family in the previous generation. But now, how many siblings do we have? 1? 2? Already now our parents are finding it difficult to take care of the older generation. The increase in CPF minimum sum and age is TO HELP YOU. FOOLS. What happens if our generation cannot take care of you next time? At least the government forced you to save until 65 with even greater savings so you can take care of yourself when you are old and if nobody wants to take care of you.

    HHH and Roy make it seem as though the Singaporean government is damn corrupt taking their hard earned money (at 22 and 33, clearly your CPF is empty- you have nothing to worry about) and putting it into illegal stuff. PLEASE LA. Wake up la fools.

    The best part is, this Han Hui Hui was not even born a Singaporean. She was born Malaysian and just got her citizenship 2 years ago. BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU MUCH? Not such a good idea ah little girl.

    22 or 12? Grow pubic hair alrd not?

    WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING FOR? I mean if you're not happy with the way this country is run then you become citizen FOR FUCK? BALEK KAMPONG LA?

    The best thing is, she thinks she is like some hua mu lan of the country, some freedom fighter or crusader of justice and peace.

    In this video, filmed by Roy himself (why he thought posting this video was a good idea i really don't know) The irritating voice is obviously HHH. We can see for ourselves how the nice NParks director is trying (sadly to no avail) to reason with these idiots to use the space elsewhere. Because that space was used by YMCA. She's like "show me your identification show me your identification" so bloody RUDE. Eh you can support different political parties but your parents never teach you manners ah? This is purely UPBRINGING. If you can't even talk politely to someone of authority do you think people will even respect you? You even want to be a politician? Bring about political reform in Singapore??? GO GET A DEGREE FIRST LA LOL. LOLOLOLOLOLLLLOLOLOLOL

    She can't take harsh comments on her page. So she deletes them ALL and leaves only those comments (pictures above) that support her on her page. Seriously?? LOL!!!! In her page now, she is still posting stupid senseless things like "Why was YMCA allowed to even be at HLP when it is a christian association" and "Why did the YMCA MC shout We love our CPF and then push the kids out on stage" WTF. ANY NORMAL PERSON WOULD KNOW THAT YMCA IS NOT A RELIGIOUS ASSOCIATION. Just because the name has a "christian association" doesnt mean that. They are a volunteer welfare group. They don't stick the word of Jesus in your face. YMCA is not a church. OK? Why did the MC shout we love our CPF? Maybe coz yall were making so much fucking noise alr that he just bo ga lan shout also ah

    Things Roy and HHH like to complain about

    1) Housing costs so high in SG. ITS THE GOVERNMENTS FAULT

    We live in one of the world's most densely populated countries. Price of housing CANNOT BE AS CHEAP AS MALAYSIA RIGHT. They have space. WE DON'T. This kind of thing is bo pian one OK? Pray to God or Buddha or Allah also the price WON'T GO DOWN ONE.


    You see the pinoy woman at subway? The china man working at 4 fingers? The cleaners in the mall? These are your "FTS" Do you want to work this kind of job 24/7? OBVIOUSLY NOT RIGHT. If no Singaporeans wanna take up these jobs, who else will? Obviously them right? Is it wrong???

    etc etc

    I also realised they always like to compare singapore to other countries. Like oh wages here SO LOW over there SO HIGH price of house SO HIGH here over there SO LOW.

    My parents always tell me to be grateful that I was born here. Singapore is so safe. No snatch thieves, no shootings, no bank robberies. Generally one of the safest countries in the world. The people here can be very quiet, they don't like to make small talk with strangers etc. But its okay, I love my country. I am very grateful to be born here, even though sometimes I wish SG were a bit bigger so I could explore more. As much as I love to travel, SG will ALWAYS be home to me. So whenever I hear them comparing about this and that im just like not happy then fuck off la knn

    She also likes to try and stir shit by doing things like this:

     "PAP SUPPORTERS" To her, anyone that doesn't support her and her stupid cause are known as PAP supporters. A lot of people that commented on her page (and those comments are unfortunately already deleted) claim that they don't even support PAP and that she does not represent them because her behavior is just unacceptable.

    Honestly, if she just apologised, everything would be ok. But she just die die don't want to admit that she is in the wrong. She wants to blame the PAP and NParks (she claims they are working for PAP) for trying to ruin her and her followers image. I mean clearly the reason why they wanted to step into the YMCA part of the park was because MP TSL was there. Come on la, this isn't even really about politics anymore. It's about basic ethics and courtesy. I feel the worst for those kids that performed that day. They deserved so much more than that.

    Hence, i also feel that everyone should sign this LOL so that this bitch will know her place in society:

    I feel like I have so much more to rant about but I think i'll just end here. Gotta go study for my mid sems because I see so much clearer now that education is very important in shaping a persons future (failed sarcasm lol)


    Anoy said...

    Not gonna offer views on what you have discussed. But... The usage of your language... Doesn't matter if you score straight As... It's worrying to see the character of our people today. We need to be nicer with our words, no matter our stand on the issue. Otherwise, I don't see how we are "educated". I am going to be blunt about this. But your language makes you look like the ones you mentioned in your post.

    Stephanie said...

    I know that my language is quite coarse la. But to me, I don't feel like I should even try to sugar coat or edit my words to make myself sound a lot nicer than I really am????

    Also, in my defense, I never once mentioned my education let alone brag about my education in this post.

    I respect your views but... i'm just keepin it real

    Peace :-)