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    Monday, August 11, 2014

    Make up/ Mascara tried and tested

    Hey guys

    FINALLY another update.. well firstly i'd like to clarify that I am not a make up professional, I am not even a make up enthusiast (okay maybe i could call myself one), I am just a girl who likes and buys tons of make up.

    I invest A LOT of money in make up. I kind of moved on to buying more make up instead of clothes since maybe last year? But I've always had this thing about make up and finding the perfect mascara or lipstick that really really suits my face.


    Here are the products that i've purchased recently (or not so recently). I'll be reviewing them so that you might find this helpful should you want to purchase make up in the future.

    Lets start with mascara!

    Firstly, I'd like to say that I have strangely oily eyelids. I had this weird operation as a baby regarding my tear ducts so for some reason they secrete a whole lot of oil or something?? So its really really hard for me to find the perfect mascara that doesnt smudge. In the past I would hate wearing mascara because by the end of 2 hours or so I would look like someone punched me in the eyes.

    Once again let me reiterate that I was never a big mascara buyer because I hated the fact that whatever mascara I applied would just smudge like nobody's business.

    When I first started buying mascara I think i was like 16 or something. Obviously I didnt contribute to the economy or have a salary so i used to buy a lot of drugstore make up.

    In 2011/2012 I think i was using the Maybelline Falsies mascara/ ZA Impact lash mascara

    Price: USD 4. I think I got this off target when i was in the states but never got around to using it because I was using my mom's armani mascara

    Smudge: Smudges like CRAZY. Never really used it again so its just been in my make up pouch getting stained by all my open eyeliners lol. Explains how dirty it looks

    Rating: 2/5

    I guess I plucked it off the shelves because the brush looked so dramatic and big LOL. The mascara really made my lashes super long but I just really hated how it smudged so much. If i recall it was also super clumpy when I put it on. My lashes looked like gross spider legs

    If i remember clearly, I bought this when I read this advertorial on xiaxue's blog for ZA. At that time i was thinking aiya i should just give mascara another chance and try this out.

    Price: $17.90 off watsons or guardian (I THINK, it was soo long ago)

    Smudge: A lot less than that maybelline one for sure

    Honestly this was not bad for some drugstore brand. I was quite impressed. It wouldn't smudge as much and it really gave my lashes volume and length. However, it was pretty difficult to remove- which i really hated. I don't really invest a lot in make up removers so the fact that it was difficult to remove with the remover i was using then, pretty much discouraged me from using it. Still, a pretty good buy since it was only $18

    Rating: 2.5/5

    I kinda stopped using mascara for a long while after that because i found it quite a hassle to remove. Until one day when I was browsing for lip balm in sephora. (Use burts bees tinted lip balm, by the way- its AMAZING) I saw this on the shelves, the lady at the cashier was trying to hard sell me the mascara and i was like, aiya the small one is only $16.90 just get it to make her shut up la. It was honestly one of my better buys at sephora.

    So I got the travel sized They're Real mascara by benefit.

    Cost: Travel size (the one above in the pic) is about $16.90 i think, but the actual large bottle costs about $36 if im not wrong.

    Smudge: Only my bottom lashes, not a lot though

    I was in love with this mascara because of the wand shape. Basically after applying 1 coat of mascara (or more) you are supposed to hold the wand vertically, and use that part of the brush to kind of "poke" your inner baby lashes so that they get a coat of the mascara too. Honestly very easy application. Just that my only peeve was the fact that if i left it on for the entire day, i would find this faint black line/ ring at the lower part of my eyes.

    Apart from that, it's my second favourite mascara.

    Rating: 3.5/5


    Read a couple of reviews and decided to try this out


    LANCOME Hyponose doll eyes mascara!!!!

    I just bought it 2 weeks ago and have been IN LOVE ever since. I've been using mascara like.. every day because this is PERFECT

    Price: $40++ range? I got it at DFS for $33.80 but i remember browsing through tangs and it was in 40s range

    A bit pricey but it is soooo worth it.

    Smudge: very very very slight. Even when it does smudge i can easily rub it off with my fingers and it wont stain.

    Totally not clumpy at all and really easy to apply. Only con would be that the brush is a bit big so sometimes if you aren't careful you could smudge a bit during application. Makes my eyelashes soooo long and voluminous it is seriously AMAZING.

    I seriously recommend everyone who is looking for a new mascara to try this. For some reason the mascara smells damn nice?!?! Maybe i'm just biased.

    Rating: 4.5/5!!!

    I honestly bought a lot more new make up recently but im a bit lazy to blog about all of them now so i'll leave that for another day

    gotta go!

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