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    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    it has been..what..close to a month? not a single word exchanged

    sometimes i really wonder how i even fell for an unfeeling and emotionless person. i havent spoken much about this. but im glad its over, at the same time im happy it happened. im glad i know what to look for in a person now. and i certainly regret begging like a little fool even when i was the one who initiated it in the first place.

    some days i wonder whether you even feel anything about the break up. do you feel sad? angry? free? i dont know. even when we were together you could just tolerate not talking to me for days. i dont understand but im sorry thats not how a relationship works. i dont think you read this anyway so it doesnt matter. clearly we were worlds apart. im glad i came to that realisation first (at least it would save me a bit of the embarrassment) you were so hostile, cold, condescending, especially to me. i couldnt confide in you. somewhere along the 5th to 6th month i guess something went wrong

    so full of anger and strife. and your ego just gets the better of you. your pride won. i thought my pride would win but yours won instead.

    whatever it is. i hope you are happy. and i hope your next relationship will be much better than whatever we had

    i guess the 27th will be the last day i will catch, perhaps, the slightest glimpse of you, but it doesnt really matter because i have moved on like how you told me i should


    jiayi said...

    love you ok

    Anonymous said...

    you are so strong <3