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    Sunday, June 24, 2012

    things to do:

    1. harry potter exhibition
    2. own As

    (notice how i put As after the exhibition)

    things to do after As:

    1. start working
    2. start a business (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lofty goals)
    3. get my driving license
    4. drive to malaysia
    5. bali
    6. perth to find lucius and live in his hall
    7. get money
    8. apply for uni (preferably biz ad in NUS, maybe overseas i don't know, i'd rather stay here)
    9. thailand
    10. paris

    ok basically i just wanna travel everywhere after As

    i'm turning 18 in 2 days
    what have i been doing my whole life lol. i'm growing up too fast

    gonna apply for my BTT in 2 days too. wanna get my license ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!


    Paulyn said...

    Hey Steph! I'm extremely sorry to bother you with an aunt agony type qns.. but i've always seen you as someone who has her shit together and who is extremely sensible(to put it in a less dignified manner - i really look up to you), so i really do value your opinion on this.

    What would you do if a close friend had vastly different principals from you? I know, you will think, obviously: if you two have vastly different principals, how did you become friends in the first place?

    It's complicated, yeah. But to summarize it, like, we just have this bond, you know, and we just understand and listen to each other so well. The first few months of knowing this person was really, really great. Then the whole principal thing kicked in. Like for example - you're pro opposition. What if a close friend of yours was extremely supportive of the PAP and refuses to see your way at all(just plain refusing to give the opposition any credit)? Stuff like that?

    Or, perhaps, you're one who, despite partying and having a great social life, still prioritizes your studies and knows to plan your future - but your friend is just treating her studies as a joke, and dreams of riches as she grows old - but not through her own merit, but through being spoon-fed by her boyfriend - and just has all these expectations of succeeding be refuses to work hard for them?

    I really hope i'm not pissing you off. I know your really busy with your A levels now, and you definitely have no obligation to help me on this. Plus it's such a bizarre complication as well. But if you could take some time out to answer me, i would really, really be grateful. This whole thing has been troubling me for too long(to the extent that we're not talking now).

    Thanks so much, Stephanie.

    Stephanie said...

    hi paulyn, please give me a while to reply you! I will definitely reply you, give me about a week or so!

    Paulyn said...

    Oh wow! Thanks! I'm really grateful you're even actually giving me the time of day. Thank you so much :) And of course, take as long as you want.

    Stephanie said...

    hi paulyn!! could you give me your email?? i hope i'm not too late D:

    Paulyn said...

    Hi Steph! I'm so sorry for my late reply, I stopped checking back after a while! But no hard feelings!! I know you're very busy and it shows what an amazing person you are that you're helping me on this. Anyway, my (obviously fake, but i don't feel comfortable giving out my real one! I'm sorry) email:

    Anyway, I hope the offer is still open. Even if it's not, thanks so much anyway! I really appreciate it.