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    Friday, April 13, 2012

    very very very small update:

    i have neglected this space :(
    i hate how A levels has almost completely taken my life away. I should close my blog and hibernate somewhere.....
    no seriously i am truly contemplating going on a long hiatus till after my As or something

    i have been suffering from acute constipation. not even kidding. i have been bloating for 2 weeks. the bloating is horrible as hell and i can't eat anything without bloating. i was so scared i had ovarian cancer i almost cried. i went to the docs twice and got so many laxatives, and till today i'm still bloated. wtf. has anyone ever kena this sort of constipation before ah??? this is my first time and i hate it. i feel so bloody fat

    anyway..i just came back from the airport after sending lucius off. i miss him so much already. i cry everytime someone goes overseas for a long period of time, i am such a softie lolz

    SIGH. doubt im going to school tomorrow. took the laxatives and i really really pray they work this time.

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