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    Thursday, April 19, 2012

    i am such a boring person
    i don't know what to write

    haha ok


    i've been having the weirdest dreams

    1. i dreamt that i grew a penis. it was huge. but it was like??? and i plucked out the "labia" from the tube and washed it and stuck it back. WTF

    2. dreamt that i was in the lecture theatre talking to my classmate when his face started morphing. i knew i was dreaming.

    3. i dreamt that i had ecstacy and ice in my wallet. WTF

    4. i dreamt that my house flooded and this room was filled with my dad's collection of vintage speakers and he was very sad when they were filled with water

    im going insane

    the bloatedness from the stupid shitty constipation hasnt gone away. i'm going to the hospital to get a check up done hahaha.

    please pray for me guys.
    thank you so much


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