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    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    really love my classmates so much <3
    i made a couple of amazing friends in ac this year and im really thankful for them :)

    because i'm a materialistic asshole

    there are so many things that i need to get my hands on...

    new prescription glasses..since my shortsightedness is disgusting
    and how contact lenses are hurting my eyes and very bad for my cornea
    went to spectacle hut in gardens to check the price and it costs $350 :(
    nevertheless i shall get them, its quite a necessity right

    i also want a wide angle lens for my camera because i'm bored of my camera
    contemplating whether to get one on ebay or not but ya

    i also want a ring light, fisheye lens, a new tripod etcetcetc but i decided that i just need a wide angle lens. lol (back to my point about me being a materialistic asshole)

    i also want the olympus pen ep-3. it is beautiful as hell and i must get my grubby hands on it ASAP
    unfortunately it costs $1460 and i would have to sell my soul for that

    off to have dinner with my family now
    gotta go!

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