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    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    i do not foresee myself surviving this year. i feel myself slowly evolving into some sort of machine (as if everything around me isn't mechanical enough), this metamorphosis does have its perks though

    i am constantly trying to channel my tremendous levels of stress into positive work attitudes- they are channeled to outputs of laziness and anger instead. i feel as if i am unable to even vent this raging sea of emotions

    i feel like i am confined in an enclosed box, just big enough for my body, and given just a straw to breathe. i am still surviving but i'd rather just give up and die without the straw. no one cares about the stupid straw. let me sleep

    i give up so easily


    Anonymous said...

    JY dont give up~!~~~~!!!!! :(
    u can do it!!!
    all the best for ur As!!!
    make ur parents proud ;) lol

    Stephanie said...

    Thank you very much <3

    Anonymous said...

    dont ever give up alright? xoxo :)

    Stephanie said...

    you are really sweet <3 thank you!