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    Sunday, January 1, 2012

    when someone mentions "its a new year", the first thought to your mind would be a fresh start.
    you'd want to end the previous one on a good note, and start the next with a good note as well.


    as the years go by
    you will start to realise that years change, and so do the people
    and it hits you that something that used to be significant and exciting, like the birth of a whole new year just crumbles down to "just another day", or just another excuse for you to stay out late

    i'm not going to do a reflective post, or reminiscence over the year that was just 20 hours ago, because i'd rather not look back and see myself to be someone better then, or see people and realise how different they've become, or realise that sometimes drifting far away doesn't have the same effect like that of a spring (where you stretch it far and elasticity just forces it to bounce back closer)

    drifting far away [like clouds] would just mean you either
    1) go somewhere else
    2) dissipate

    so this time, i'm not looking back at the year that just flew by
    i'm looking forward

    here's to family
    here's to the friends that will stick by you
    here's to new beginnings
    here's to the kicking of bad habits
    here's to love
    here's to hope and the prospect of a brighter future

    to 2012
    may you not disappoint

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