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    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    is it possible for someone to gradually fade from being an extrovert to an introvert?
    because i think its happening to me haha

    i'm extremely socially awkward, and i know i've never ever been this awkward when it comes to meeting new people or acquaintances
    i tend to avoid contact with people i don't really know but i really try my best to smile or strike a conversation
    its like my social skills are plummeting 
    i'd avoid standing with a group of people that i know i cannot "not be awkward with", i'd probably move somewhere else and sit by myself and read a book or something
    i've shopped by myself
    i've eaten at places by myself
    i've studied by myself
    i've also watched a movie by myself (i guess sitting by yourself in the cinema watching a movie counts haha)
    i don't know

    i feel myself becoming more and more withdrawn each day and its seriously scaring me because i used to be chatty as hell lol

    i guess i'm maturing (perhaps?) or maybe i'm just getting my period hahahaha

    i don't know


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