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    Friday, February 25, 2011

    i cannot make small talk

    In an educational institution where the most fun and learning will ever take place

    As you can see the lack of sleep has certainly, and, of course most obviously, taken a huge toll on my face. My eyebags look as though i've taken a palmful of feathers and stuffed them into pockets below my eye sockets. For my loyal followers (i'm sure there are at least 5 of you), I am very sorry for the lack of updates. My life has been revolving around school (as you can see above HAHAHA) We have even formed a clique in school. Of which myself and Joelle are pimpin big time.

    In my class, the people that came from Methodist schools stick together (well most of them and i am part of the majority) and the rest, well go together in their own separate cliques but its quite interesting how the methodist schools relate so much better to each other. The ratio of girls to guys in my class is a miserable 1:2......and it feels so weird not being able to talk about periods openly haha. I miss the freedom of being in a girls school! I miss changing in the open, giving pads to each other in the open, etc etc. Omg i also have to quit the habit of saying "Thank you goodbye and God bless you" after every lesson. Wooooo boy

    Overall school has been tiring. Not a bore, but dreadfully exhausting. I still feel quite awkward in school but I think i'll get used to it soon. I do find it queer how the rugby boys have a table for them in the void deck...........

    I have a cumbersome and onerous workload and i'm falling short of time

    Gotta go!


    Fitri said...

    "For my loyal followers (i'm sure there are at least 5 of you)" WOAH MISS MODERNISM101

    Anonymous said...

    You and you friends are prettyy! & the guy is handsome. :)
    gl for JC life! :)

    Anonymous said...

    whr did u buy the jeans u wore out for flb flea? :) selling it?

    Anonymous said...

    Your vocabs are amazing!!!!!