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    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Hi all!!!!! I'm in L.A now and its soooooo cold. The people here are..quite unfriendly but whatever i'm here to shop not to socialize lol. I go into the jeans store and like my whole body can fit inside one leg of the xxl jeans hahahahaha. Vans here are crazy cheap, converse too. New era caps here are at wtf crazy prices. Tmr is black friday...which means target will be open and i'm gonna go there and check out target. Walmart too HAHAHAH i'm such an auntie. So typical. Haven't seen or scouted any handsome boys (or girls) yet. DONT INTEND TO. ALL THE FOOD HERE IS LIKE ERMS FAST FOOD. And i'm alr sick of fast food.

    By the way, SIA plays freaking the cure and jonsi!??!!?! MINDBLOWN

    Its 5.30pm here and tomorrow i'll be going to disneyland! Can't wait to shopshopshopshopshop! I miss all my friends a lot though :(


    Anonymous said...

    omg buy more new era caps!! and sell at your blog!!!

    Anonymous said...

    ohohoh u must go to CVS!! I mean if ure the type of person who likes skin care,the stuff there fucking awesome! :)

    Anonymous said...

    yea agreed with above anon when wld u b bCK?