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    Friday, October 2, 2009

    I am a visitor here

    Hiiiiii world. My end of year exams are over! Actually they end on monday, but I don't really care about physics paper 1, I had physics paper 2 today ha ha ok. Anyway life has been soooooooo dreadfully mundane and boring. I am sad to say I do not have much of a life. I have not gone out in 3 saturdays straight, and I am extremely glad to say that I have finally upgraded my pokemon cartridge and like totally downloaded pokemon pearl. I am training my Piplup now. I intend to train my Starly as well because it is cute. I am not going to catch any insect pokemon. Am going to be spending my day studying physics tomorrow with the usuals at ehub (i have only been there twice lol) I have not been posting pictures or proper posts. I don't care. This space is probably going in a month (because by then I won't be blogging anymore sorry)

    Ok anyway sometimes I think my blog is too boring. Like all the typical "cool" bloggers always end their blog posts with like totally random and italicized song lyrics. I am going to do that today.

    We'll cut out bodies free from the tethers of this scene,
    Start a brand new colony

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