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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Atlantis to Interzone

    Does anyone know where to find those skirts? (Refers to top picture) They're really pretty, I have instructions how to make skirts puff up like that but i'm too lazy to even start. Ok so I need to rant, I really dislike how some people claim they're so into photography when they don't even own a manual camera. Its just how people go like "oh my god i'm so emo" when everyone knows they are not. I really hate how Singaporeans say "oh my god i'm so emofied today." "YOU EMOKIA" "Why are you emo-ing in one corner?" Just like how people are like labelling themselves. I think its totally ridiculous how people say "i'm so indie" just because they listen to the hush sound or something, its so dumb don't you think?

    Modernism's deluding us from what we truly want, and what we aim to achieve. In modern day context we study hard not to do what you want in the future, but to do something in the future that earns you a lot of money. Question yourselves, how many of you have been influenced so greatly into thinking that you have to become doctors or lawyers or surgeons when you grow up, not your passion, not what you want to do. People are getting more and more materialistic each day, and everything is never enough.


    Bernice said...

    I like skirts like that too ! C: Topshop used to have them ..

    Stephanie said...