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    Monday, September 8, 2014

    BALI 2014

    literally paid for this entire trip on my own, i'm such a big girl now lmao

    we stayed at this villa called Villa Baladewa Empat. Super cheap and SO GOOD?? we bought the villa off groupon, and honestly groupon has damn a lot of good deals.

    When we first entered the villa, the housekeepers made us a welcome drink. We were damn impressed by the villa la. The rooms were BEAUTIFUL? And the pool was a little dirty but still super nice. The housekeepers made breakfast for us every single morning. I swear, I looked forward to mornings because of the breakfast. One morning they had eggs and french toast etc, and another morning they had pancakes with blueberry sauce. Oh how i miss Bali

    We booked a driver for all 5 days that we were here. I really really highly recommend you to book a driver if you ever stay in Bali. Its a lot more worth it, i think we paid only $30USD per day for our driver. Because we went for a lot of activities, whitewater rafting, waterbom etc. i think this trip cost about 1k. SOBS.

    Pretty sad that i didn't visit a lot of the beach clubs. Really really wanted to check out potato head boohoo

    Clubbing in bali was a totally different experience though. Drinks are hella cheap, i bought 6 jagerbombs for only SGD$32?!?!?!?!?!? SO CHEAP?!?!?! Most of the people in the club were like caucasians on drugs lol. If you're looking to club in Bali you really should try skygarden. Free flow drinks and buffet for only $5.

    shopping in bali is pretty lame.. so i'd suggest just spending on beer and food LOL

    now that school has started i just really really really wanna go for another holiday :'(

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