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    Friday, March 15, 2013

    i felt myself die a little when i realised i didn't have a passion for anything
    its dreadfully sad

    im like in this constant search for my passion- like something i really really want to do. but i cant find it. i feel so lost.

    to all my readers: nope i didn't do well for my A levels. I don't feel like i deserve to do this badly because i worked my ass off hahaha. i paid $500 for a review on my papers, odds are one in a million so im not expecting anything to change.

    i went into withdrawal for about a week after my results- pretty expected. felt like the only use for my stupid cert was to shelter me from the rain

    im applying for smu and ntu now and just praying and hoping for the best. i may also be going to uk for uni. will keep you all updated. thank you for always checking up on me :-)


    Anonymous said...

    Hi steph! Saw you at flea today, you are such an energetic lady lol!!! things will be fine in the end don't worry :) you'll find your place for sure!

    Anonymous said...

    Dear Stephanie,

    Cheer up & we know God has a path planned out for you. You are a gifted person (especially harp! U are so good at it). I was faced with a similar situation like you 3 years back. Entrust your worries in God... he will plan an even better path ahead for you. All the best... And rmb, You have people who care for you.

    Hope you will read this message! Take care

    -anon friend