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    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    FINALLYYYYY the post that we all have been waiting for!!!!

    I was away from the 31st Jan- 4th Feb in hongkong and i really enjoyed myself thoroughly there. It was the first time i took a plane by myself and travelled without my parents so it really was a good experience :-)

    Basically I'd already asked my parents long ago whether they would let me travel alone, and they said hongkong is okay because my uncle lives there and hk is pretty safe. So this was a really impromptu trip because we only booked our flights like a week before we flew. 3 days before we booked our tickets i was like "eh vic you wanna go hongkong not? My uncle got house there so free lodging ah. then she was like omg i dont mind. see how" like 2 days later i received this damn excited call and she was like STEPH MY MOM ALSO WANNA GO. SO THAT MEANS MY FLIGHT TICKETS FREE. EH LETS GO AH. so on that note my parents booked my tickets for me HAHA and off we flew~

    (we sat different airlines though so yes i really did take a plane by myself. how independent)

    vic in her yohji yamamoto hoodie LOL


    dinner at dynasty club
    in the tram~~~~

    I look damn disgusting in day 1 because we literally touched down at like 1pm (with no make up) and like reached the apartment in Admiralty at around 3???? and we like rested for about an hour or so before immediately leaving to explore the area.

    DAY 2~~~~~

    we took a bus down to admiralty MTR station. Did i mention how cheap the fares were there?!?!? Public transport (even cabs) are SO MUCH CHEAPER THERE!!!! not like singapore! PUI!!!

    we went to Mongkok and started out our day with some authentic hongkong breakfast!!

    btw if you ever go to hk, you have to go to sneakers street and argyle street!!!

    vic's brother landed in hk a day after we arrived~

     me in my new newera cap ;)

    in vic's moms hotel~

    OK end of day 2 i'm lazy to upload day 345 maybe later tonight!!

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