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    Thursday, January 24, 2013


    Random fever yesterday after my facial

    Woke up shivering my guts out at 3am in the morning, after sleeping (uncomfortably) for 1.5 hours. Popped a couple of pills and went back to sleep. Set the a/c to 27 degrees and wrapped myself under the covers like a cocoon. Woke up 1.5 hours later sweating like an idiot. Now i'm wide awake and I can't back to sleep.

    Temperature check: 38.0ÂșC

    Have had nothing to write for a while now. Been completely uninspired by anything. Life is a bore. I'm always in a daze. Sleeping in the AM and waking in the PM. My life has been completely out of drama (which is good, lets keep it that way, better not jinx it)

    So this has been my life: I exercise 1-3 times a week now (every wednesday/ friday/ saturday). Hhaha if you club you'd get it. Its disgusting. I tried to be healthy this week and i ended up sick wtf. This week has been me going for job interviews, aerobics, facials... etc. Was supposed to go for a Zumba class tomorrow with vic but i'm sick boohoo.

    Oh yes, very impromptu decision to go to HongKong with vic like 3 days ago. Just booked my plane tickets yesterday. So excited. Please help fund my trip guys :( Buy my stuff below.

    This post is completely pointless

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