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    Thursday, January 3, 2013

    Life since christmas

    pardon me i take so little pictures and i dont have an iphone so i'll have to deal with reusing all my instagram pictures

    I had a very lonely christmas this year
    Nicole, brenda and vic were all overseas boohoo

    i had my family christmas dinner at home :-)

    then lucius and ahmad came to find me after and we were busy wearing my old plmgs uniforms

    i honestly miss my secondary school a lot. awwwww

    my sister refuses to wear my uniform (Thats been passed down for generations. PL girls you would know how rare and nice these uniforms look ok. The navy blue faded to a very nice light blue and the belts are at the MOST appropriate position and actually look fitting) because she says it looks too altered. She will appreciate it when she moves into upper sec......

    ya so we just spent our christmas in my house. singing stupid songs lol

    on the 26th i went for my awfully chocolate training. Full shift at the outlet opposite i12
    tiring ass job. I started work at 11am and ended at 12.30AM??? YES AFTER MIDNIGHT.

    met a couple of really nice workmates they were all really funny and nice to me since i was a noob

    had dinner with cole on the 27th at medz
    played l4d with everyone because we really have nothing better to do
    no pix that day

    on the 28th i met tessa for a while, sat at starbucks reading diary by chuck palahniuk, met giam for a while..

    Omg 28th was a fucking wild night

    basically i didnt initially want to club because i was wearing a maxi skirt and a spaghetti top. AND SANDALS. But i was coaxed into going to cuscaden for a few beers with giam and his other friend.

    And then i was persuaded to go to dom for a while and then i only ended up at zouk at about 1.30 when everyone else was high and i was like a sober log. drank a bit at the tables and since my high takes super long to kick in..........i was high at like 4am. So me and nicole decided to cab to mink at 4. And we stayed there till 6.....

    as you can see my life after As hasnt been the most healthy

    i woke up the next day feeling terrible. I actually took drunk pictures on my photobooth....


    On sunday night,

    house party at cranwell bungalow organized by my school mates

    i DIED by the roadside, puked non stop, didn't even have the SLIGHTEST recollection of how i got home. The next morning lu told me his mom sent me home..........i made him put her to the phone and i apologised immediately lol

    But props to myself for being able to bathe, change brush my teeth and even wear my retainers in my drunken state. Even though i woke up wearing my shirt the wrong side LOLOLOL. Only bad thing was i threw my monthly contact lenses away lololol good thing i have an extra 3 pairs

    my life the joke

    31st was new years eve. Met my wildkatz (even though it was less than half of yall... guys i miss you a lot) at punggol

    after meeting them we left for two parties in gardens lol

    drank very minimally that night so i was relatively sober (and irritated by drunk idiots) the whole night. thumbs up!

    had enough appetite for prata too

    my new years was just plain stupid

    i spent my 1st january 2013 recuperating at home from the crazy week i had

    so basically i spent 1/1/13 on my bed

    no resolutions because i decided that i dont ever stick to any anyway.

    2013 is going to be my last year been a TEEN. GOD i can't even believe im turning NINETEEN this year. It all seems so surreal. Just a few years ago i was still taking my O levels and enjoying my sweet sixteenth birthday. 19 just makes me sound dreadfully old. One year after that i'll be 20. Good grief

    2013 may you be kind to me

    Heres to

    my family that has loved me unconditionally
    my friends that have stuck by me no matter what mistakes i have made
    the people who have been there for me all the time
    relatively okay A level results
    the unis i'll get accepted into
    the handsome boys i'll meet
    the love i will eventually find

    Goodbye friends
    this has been a long and juicy post

    signing off at 3am
    (waking up early to bake in the morning, by the way)


    oooo!ooooooo! by the way i doubt i'll ever work at awfully chocolate again because its really too tiring. Im scheduled for an interview for Rockstar by Soon Lee on monday and i can't wait to go for it. I really hope i get the job! have honestly always wanted to work at rockstar. Gonna wear my kc camel pointers to the interview and proudly announce that i got it from them



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