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    Wednesday, December 12, 2012


    I'm so sorry for the lack of updates but i hardly take pictures anymore so....

    heres a couple of pictures of me and my school mates during prom. I honestly could not be bothered to even get a new i reused my old one hahaha

    and ya i thought i looked horrible too so ya lolol

    after work with my walter melon wong

    a couple of lame pix of me. i think i look better normal than in all the glitzy shit for prom lol

    so ya i passed my BTT yesterday :) :) :) about to book my practical lessons and book my FTT soon. Can't wait to drive!

    My life has been this concentrated mixture of clubbing and drinking- terrible
    my body feels horribly worn out
    on a side note my favourite clubs are officially Mink and Zouk. TEEHEE

    my body clock is screwed up already ugh

    anyway i'm leaving for taiwan tomorrow!!! Don't miss me ya'll! i'll be back (hopefully) with pictures. i heard the food in taiwan is amazing and the shopping is pretty bad ass too. hehehehe

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