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    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    "I touched my face. I thought it would be all bone, like his. I was surprised to find a bit of skin still covering it. I felt as if we were all dying in the park, that when we entered the examination hall it would be to be declared officially dead. That's what the degree was all about. What else was it about? Why were we creeping around here, hiding from the city, from the teachers and parents, pretending to study and to prepare? Prepare for what? We hadn't been told. Inter, they said, or B.A, or M.A. These were like official stamps- they would declare us dead. Ready for a dead world. A world in which ghosts went about, squeaking or whining, rattling or rustling. Slowly, slowly, we were killing ourselves in order to join them."

    when i read this i felt like i was about to burst into tears.

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