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    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    EXTREMELY satisfied and happy with my new buy :D :D :D :D :D :D
    its the perfect length too!!!!!

    after 2 chemistry paper 1s i decided to reward myself with some shopping
    got myself this pair and a new eyebrow pencil from sasa
    i needed that new eyebrow pencil anyway, it was a pretty good investment

    shopping is seriously therapeutic.
    i should start rewarding myself by shopping only when i've met certain goals. hmmmmm


    Anonymous said...

    you look so pretty in those shorts <3

    Anonymous said...

    Where's this shorts from steph? :) and is it longer than usual topshop's shorts?

    Stephanie said...

    aww thank you <3 (you can't see me in the pictures though, haha!!)

    its from kitschen, i think its exclusive to sg/msia, but they have an outlet in nex! not sure where else they have kitschen but its one of my fav shops now. Yes its longer!!! i'm so pleased with the cut. I was lucky though it was on the last chance rack!!

    Anonymous said...

    They have an outlet in vivo too! On the walkway to harbourfront centre, close to femmeX.

    Anonymous said...

    how much are the shorts? :)