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    Sunday, August 12, 2012

    The A levels are sucking all the life out of me. I feel as if someone is plunging my blindfolded face in a bucket of water continuously- I am completely caught off-guard, I do not have any chance to hold my breath before being suffocated. I am losing my hair and weight (which is definitely good, applicable to the latter only)

    I have never come across an exam as scary and tedious as this. It is probably one of the largest hurdles I will ever face in my entire life. Honestly, if I screw this up, all my credentials (from my 246 PSLE T-score, to my 9 points for my O levels) would have come to naught. It is ridiculous how every Singaporean kid spends his or her childhood studying.

    No one even has proper dreams anymore. The dreams are all corrupted with smudged ideas that passion dies and money lives. I don't think I have much of a dream anymore. My dream definitely does not include my career.

    I managed to sort out my thoughts this week and I have decided to go into finance. Mostly because most (nearly all) of my relatives are in the line- most of them are pretty well to do anyway. I intend to go into forex/ stocks anytime after my As. I also intend to intern at my uncle's brokerage, well since he owns it i won't have to fight for any spaces hahaha.

    There are so many things to be done. I need to apply for my BTT (basic theory test for driving, in case you guys didn't know) asap, probably next week. I want to get my driving license by March 2013. I need to renew my passport, which hasn't been renewed since last Most of all, I need to study for my prelims which are in about 1 week..

    Cannot wait for the feeling of emancipation/ liberation to hit once the last paper ends

    Gotta go

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