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    Sunday, July 15, 2012

    if someone were to ask me, of all the material items i own, which i value the most, i would select my ipod.

    It is a black 3rd gen ipod nano. the tiny one that fits nicely into your palm. the lock button has been spoiled since.. i dunno 2010? but the fault doesn't really irk me.

    i've had it since 2008..and i would never really trade it for anything else because it contained 1500 songs. like....the songs that represented the different phases in my life.

    the stupid young punk act cool 2008 days where i had the used, cartel, say anything, the hush sound, alexisonfire, acceptance

    the hardcore (lol) days in 2009 where i had like.. norma jean, the human abstract, through the eyes of the dead, black my heart (loooloololololl)

    the study songs in 2010 for os... like death cab, copeland, the strokes, regina spektor, bright eyes

    and all my different phases

    i had many playlists in my ipod...a lot of them were very special to me and i wouldnt really have traded them for anything else

    i mean...i can lose my phone, my wallet, my bag or whatever but i still wouldnt feel as sad as losing all my 1500 songs.

    so that day i plugged my ipod into my mac, and suddenly it said there was an i immediately unplugged my ipod. my heart literally stopped when i saw that it had no music in it anymore.

    my ipod had like....a lot of stupid podcasts i downloaded in 2008/2009 like happy tree friends and best of youtube hahahaha. it had an episode of skins from 2009. it had photos from my second phone ever in 2008, and some pictures of me when i went on a school trip to new zealand in 2008....

    everything was wiped out

    i tried to download some ipod restoration programmes that could like help to reconfigure the ipod but no luck....sigh

    the saddest part is that i cant even remember a lot of the bands that were in there.

    Sigh. I guess all old things have to break one day and my little ipod was one of them.

    i mean...losing songs can seem extremely trivial..but they really meant a lot to me because they represented so much. you know that feeling when your ipod is on shuffle and suddenly you listen to a song you havent heard in so long and you just get that feeling that you used to get when you used to listen to it?? yea i miss that feeling now and i can never get it back :'( my ipod was whole life from 2008 compiled into my favourite songs. which were ever changing to suit my changing tastes and preferences...but its all gone now and its time to get over it.

    goodbye poddy, you have served me well

    forever in remembrance
    RIP 1500 songs
    lain to rest somewhere in cyber space on the 13th of July 2012

    ok a convo w nicole and i to further express my sadness

    it makes me feel sad
    about my ipod LOL
    i would also
    i wouldn't be able to remember all the names of
    the old songs
    fucking sad
    really fucking sad
    like every song has a meaning
    like something behind it
    i had one song
    where this girl passed away
    and on the boyfriends page
    someone anonymous sent him a link of a song
    to comfort him
    then i heard it and it was so nice
    then there was a couple of songs this guy i had a crush on in sec 1 sent me
    which were all pretty strange but i liked them anyway
    then there were songs i randomly clicked on youtube and found
    and some songs i searched online from skins soundtrack
    some songs i discovered on my own (me being such an indie god loljk)
    first song i heard by adele in 2009 also have
    a lot of songs by all the ppl that werent famous then but are now
    so sad leh
    makes me sad
    if i had 1 wish now..i would be selfish and wish for my songs back
    that is all
    they really meant the world to me

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