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    Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    so terribly sorry for the lack of updates :(

    this week has been so unhealthy, i really need to start studying again
    everyone has been telling me i lost weight (happy hehe)
    i don't really know how i lost the weight though, i just know my appetite has been dropping like crazy.
    but its ok, i needed to lose the weight anyway

    remember i blogged something about me needing to lose weight because i gained a whole bag of weight after joining jc??? i lost 4kg in total hehehe still need to lose another 2kg to get back to my normal pathetic weight lol


    this week:


    i did job shadowing at NUH. I followed around a medical officer for 2 days and I never ever want to join the medicine industry. its crazy. people have the misconception that doctors wake up late and go home early. truth is, the junior doctors wake up at 5am and leave the hospital really late. and its a very unglamourous job. i witnessed the doctor do the rectum test thing, like test for faeces or something and i felt so uncomfortable.

    they have to deal with some really strange patients. i was in the geriatrics ward and there were some strange patients. one guy kept shouting "fuck you!" when he was on the bed lol. i was just like.......omg. i thought he had tourettes. one old lady was suffering from mixed dementia (normal and vascular) and the conversation went like this:

    M.O: Where are you?
    Patient: Dining room.
    (keep in mind shes in the hospital ward)
    M.O: Are you in your house?
    Patient: Yes. I would like my tea now.

    i didn't know whether to laugh or feel sorry.....she was completely delirious :(

    so...well at least i went there with an open mind and i decided that medicine is really not the route for me; even though i really really wanna be a dermatologist, the route there is too much. you really need to have a calling and the heart to be a doctor. i think i'm too selfish to do that

    at least i have a clearer picture of what i wanna do i guess...

    side note: i think my boyfriend is very handsome leh

    On Friday i went to MBS for vic's birthday party.

    And yesterday brenda, vic and i went for some ac party at usual we have no pictures lol

    sighhh someone remind me why i got a blackberry instead of an iphone....

    small selling update:

    F21 Tie Dyed Romper

    Leopard poofy dress
    Brand new not worn before
    (slight defect, ask me for pix only if interested)

    Porcupine top
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    vintage rainbow outerwear
    Topshop burn out shirt
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    email me at if interested

    thank you :)

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