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    Friday, May 18, 2012

    Hi guys!
    Anyone interested in this if its $29?

    DIY Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera

    • A fantastic kit, fun to build and yields great results
    • Identical to the Gakken Flex, but without the magazine
    • Photos are best taken on a bright day
    • Hold the camera very still when shooting
    • Comes with Instruction Manual
    • Plastic Optical Lens
    • 35mm Format Film
    • Twin Reflex Type
    • Adjustable Focusing
    • Tripod Installable
    • Assemble in one hour - knife or scissors needed

    • Colours: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, White & Yellow
    • Material: Strong Black Cardstock
    • Weight: 300g
    • Use 35mm Film (Not Included) preferably ISO200
    • Focus Distance: 47cm
    • F Value (Aperture Value): 6 (Open) 12 (Close)
    • Shutter Speed: 1 / 125 sec
    • Focal Length Adjustment Range: 50cm to infinity
    • Can Have Multiple Exposures
    • All Parts Sealed Package
    let me know here or on my formspring :)


    Anonymous said...

    if its $29 i am interested!!!!! :)

    Ivory Lee said...

    Hi, is it brand new? If its going for $29, i might wanna get it. Could you please leave me an email at details about it and how to go about purchasing it? You can also find me on Twitter - @prancingtae

    Anonymous said...

    Interested in it!