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    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    finally spicing up my bore of a blog!!!! all these pictures are from my moms phone wahahaa. at least i have pictures now that are not from photobooth.

    Pix of the week!

    dinner at home

    What i ate at relish by wildrocket

    moms franchise in hongkong

    what i wore to church

     more pictures of panda i love my dog la :')

    This week:

    1) managed to snag an internship with a doctor with the help of my mom's friend. contemplating between doing the internship during june hols or after As.. probably after As lah

    2) Visited the rehab centre at amk (by myself) and decided to volunteer. Self initiated cip ok!!!! Decided that having a heart for the community is so so important (not just for selfish reasons like spicing up portfolio) but also for spiritual and mental wellbeing. I think being compassionate to the people around you helps build you up as a person with good character

    3) totally slacked my ass off and did not complete my assignments... zzzzzz. burning midnight oil tonight...

    4) in a dilemma whether to get the itouch 4th gen or not..really really want it but then again its a huge distraction

    5) nastygal shoes came!!!!!!!!!!! But it doesn't suit me as much as i thought it would??? Would anyone consider buying them if i sold them away???? its a shame cuz they're really a gorgeous pair of shoes :'( and i paid for the shipping and all booooooo


    Anonymous said...

    your dog has a hard on.. ew.. dude.

    Anonymous said...

    What size r you wearing. Don't mind getting them if it's my size!

    Stephanie said...


    my feet are size 37!!! but the shoes fit like 37/38! email me ok!

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! Where did you get the boat shoes from? :> rly pretty!