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    Saturday, March 17, 2012

    kony 2012

    i watched the first 2 minutes of the video and then proceeded to click on random parts of the video to try to get a rough jist of what it was all about. basically, its just another awareness video by a group called the invisible children (am i right? i don't know, i can't be bothered to go search). they want to make someone famous because he has abducted children and forced them to kill their own family members

    i find this video exactly like all the other videos on racism or natural disasters or abuse. they're all the same. someone on earth puts it up, it goes viral, people start talking about it for days and start flaunting their compassion all over the damn place. but the end is always the same, people go back to their lives and never speak of it again. ever heard of false sympathy? you pretend to feel sympathy for others so you look good.

    for example, when singaporeans watch videos of whites being racist to the coloured, they get so worked up and angry. then you go home and see them practicing the same thing back in your own country. how many times have you heard complaints of certain smells when they sit next to a bangladeshi worker on the mrt train. or how these people look down on construction workers from china. the irony of it all.

    so please, i refuse to listen to anyone ramble on and on about kony 2012 because it is all just false sympathy and they will forget about it in a maximum of 2 weeks.

    if you really want to make a change and do something about the issue then you should donate or volunteer. or go to another country where real help is needed- like cambodia

    do not just ramble on incessantly about something you honestly do not even care about. it is pointless.

    if anyone even wants to make a change in the world, they should start with themselves first

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