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    Friday, March 9, 2012

    IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    panda is warmly welcoming me back into the land of blogging hahahaha

    i am terribly sorry for the lack of updates- i was having my term exams....and i was really stressed up studying for it

    but here's what happened this week

    2. I went for death cab for cutie's concert
    3. my exams ended on the day of the concert and it was AMAZING
    4. my mom's coming back in 9 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     before i get started on the concert (which is, undoubtedly, the best fucking concert i have ever attended my ENTIRE LIFE)
    i have to tell you how i got the tickets anyway.

    so on the day i found out death cab was coming to singapore i was telling zhengyong how much i'd die to catch them live
    -pardon my fan girl moment-
    and i was intended to wake up and get the early bird tickets since they are usually cheaper
    and i was just rambling on and on about how much i love them

    my death cab fad sorta died down after that cuz ticket sales would only begin after a while i think
    so since i already intended to get the tickets on the day itself
    i didn't really bother about waking up early to be kiasu and all and grab the first few tickets but ya
    so i wanted to sleep in on that morning

    but GUESS WHAT??????

    so i was sleeping like a log in my room when suddenly i felt this wet thing on my forehead so i decided that i was being rudely awakened by my dog or something but then i pryed open my eyes to see my boyfriend looking down at me waving something at my face. (i had to squint my eyes because i am severely shortsighted, and it didnt occur to me at all to put my spectacles on)

    so when it finally occurred to me that it was the concert tickets, like THE concert tickets i was overwhelmed

    SO SWEET RIGHT????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    so ya okay
    back to the concert

    have i mentioned how AMAZING ben gibbard was?!?!??!

    so anyway
    i started listening to death cab when i was 13.
    the first song i ever heard by them was photobooth
    but my favourite song by them is what sarah said
    so when i came across the setlist on twitter, i was pretty bummed because what sarah said wasn't on it.... :(

    but yeah, i was still looking forward to the whole concert

    so the concert started off with ben gibbard (who obviously lost a whole bag of weight), bouncing along to a lack of colour. Which was amazing. The next song was i will possess your heart, if i remember correctly.

    Throughout the whole concert, there was this idiotic couple standing right in front of us.

    Look, i even took a photo of them


    there, those 2 idiots right smack in your faces.

    Those morons were making out THE ENTIRE NIGHT. NON STOP. they didnt even take a break
    Whites......... -______________-

    he was grinding her to SOUL MEETS BODY. HAHAHAHAHHAHH
    i should have taken a video.....


    halfway during the concert, after long division (was it? i really can't remember), ben gibbard walks over to the keyboard

    i'm like..... no....can it be?????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


    WHAT....SARAH.....SAID........HOOOOOLLLLYYYYY SHIIIIIITTTTTT (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    everyone was singing to what sarah said
    the lyrics are beautiful
    ben gibbard is a lyrical genius

    so their encore set was pretty fucking amazing..

    marching bands of manhatten
    meet me on the equinox
    another song which i can't remember, unfortunately

    i was screaming throughout the WHOLE CONCERT
    and i have a pretty bad sore throat now (my friends can testify to this)

    i really wish their merch looked nicer though

    but their best songs were what sarah said, marching bands of manhatten, transatlanticism, you are a tourist, in my opinion.

    i took a video of what sarah said but it got cut off halfway, some security dude rudely shone some laser onto my dslr... -_-

    i was really sad for a little while last year when i found out ben gibbard broke up with zooey deschanel...i was like.....theres no hope left for us mere mortals.......WHO WILL WATCH US DIE?????

    but ya these are pictures of the after concert..and me waiting for zhengyong to bathe so i can bathe next. there are some pictures of him with a towel around his neck. hahahah

    okay thats all!!!!
    what a lengthy post!
    i'm off to bed now it is 5.27 in the morning

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