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    Thursday, February 9, 2012

    okay finally some pictures!!!
    this was me on saturday having dinner with good friends

    and.. this is me after school

    a couple of updates on my life (if anyone is even interested)..

    have checked up on university admission and i am devastated.
    i realised my dentistry "dream" was never my own dream because i realised that was my parents dream for me and i never really had a real interest anyway.
    i then realised that i really had a strong interest in dermatology...but that means i have to take up medicine... and that means straight As for As (lol pun) and a gleaming leadership record and cca record (which i do not have since i intend to quit harp tomorrow, lol)
    so i guess i can say my hopes are officially crushed.

    i was looking through the admission criteria for all uni courses, and i ticked those i was mainly interested in: medicine, law, business, FASS, and environmental studies

    strange as environmental studies may sound, i actually checked it up on the NUS website and it actually looks pretty promising and cool. you get to learn chemistry, biodiversity of plants and a lot of other interesting stuff like law (pertaining to the environment), econs and stuff like that.

    i still want to be a dermatologist though
    don't know how i'll ever get there

    this is depressing

    well, if all else fails, anyway, my parents who all along have been telling me that they cannot afford to pay for my studies overseas and hence need to mug to get into a local uni, have just informed me that they wouldnt mind sending me to the university of bristol to study law

    i don't wanna take law but that sounds like a really good offer hahaha

    well bristol requires at least 3As though

    oh well

    welcome to my sad pre university life



    Anonymous said...

    Where did you get your ombre shirt? :) its rad!

    Stephanie said...

    this shop called kitschen! i think they have a website just google them :)