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    Sunday, February 19, 2012

    How to maintain a good complexion

    Hi everyone!

    i've been getting a lot of questions on formspring on how to maintain a good complexion so I decided to do a post about it.

    Ok, so firstly.

    Start by having (and maintaining) a daily skincare routine. It doesn't have to be too elaborate or require you to burn multiple holes in your pocket.

    I follow a very simple 3-step skincare regime!

    Step 1: CLEANSE

     (i don't actually use clean and clear tho, i use something else but i forgot the name; but i have used clean and clear before and i guess its pretty reliable)

    So, theres actually a method to washing your face.

    Squeeze out some of the cleanser on your hands, and use your finger and put them on 5 dots on your face.
    i.e, forehead, nose, left cheek, right cheek, chin

    then gently rub in circular motion till u are satisfied and wash off.

    Step 2: TONER

    cover the opening of the toner bottle with cotton wool and turn over and back quickly
    then dab the cotton wool all over your face

    i use clean and clear's toners!

    Step 3: MOISTURIZE

    Make sure the moisturizer you use is strictly for the face!!! And not body lotion or anything cuz thats just gross..

    using the same method as the cleanser, apply 5 dots of moisturizer on the face and spread evenly


    Ok thats my skincare routine!!


    to get rid of pimples:

    Step 1:

    No matter how irresistable it is to pick or squeeze your pimples, DON'T EVER DO THAT!!! I myself am a sinner when it comes to this.....but yes you have to resist.

    Because when you pick or squeeze your pimples out, you are risking scars on your face. Some people can't get rid of scars easily so to prevent scarring just don't pick at your pimples!!

    Step 2:

    Apply your pimple cream carefully on your affected area. And DO NOT touch your pimples with your fingers afterwards (make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when you apply pimple cream)

    Your fingers are EXTREMELY dirty and contain a lot of bacteria so you are causing your pimple to expand in territory if you keep picking at it.

    If anyone cares, I'm using a comodone solution by DrX.
    Its specially formulated by my mom's dermatologist in Paragon. Its quite pricey though, I think its $80 a bottle but it gives AMAZING results. My pimples can actually disappear in 3 days when i use it.


    you can get rid of black/white heads on your nose by using the pore cleanser.
    I use biore, and its pretty good. You can actually see the black heads removed HAHA
    I have a strange fascination with them

    Ok so thats all!!!!!
    I know i havent been blogging much but ya i hope this suffices for a while

    Love you all!

    By the way...
    to, if you see this please please reply my emails or text me asap! I mailed you the wrong pair of shades (my favourite pair of shades which carry a lot of sentimental value) i really hope you can reply me asap so that i can exchange them with the ones you originally bought

    I am very sad over this :( and thanksssss

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