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    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    decided to get a new phone 2 days ago..

    and i was pretty damn set on the iphone 4, or 4S. But i told my dad i didn't really need the "S" because i probably wouldn't use it and its just a waste of money. I just wanted instagram lol

    so there were a lot of complications- i was using my dad's contract thing cuz his was ready for recontract and all that. And i had to get an iphone plan or something but it was his number so i couldn't do that blablablabla

    and i was still pretty damn set on getting the iphone 4

    but then i saw this brochure of the new blackberry torch 9860

    it really caught my eye. i've never seen a fully touch screen blackberry before
    so i decided to get it 

    it still provides all blackberry functions, bbm and stuff
    but i do miss the qwerty keypad though
    but i guess it still looks quite sleek and classy hahhaaha 
    the camera isnt too bad either

    oh one thing i love about blackberry is that they have AMAZING sample music HAHA
    the sample song on my phone was by minus the bear

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