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    Wednesday, September 7, 2011


    as i was travelling home today
    walking past old men and women busking or selling tissue paper or giving out flyers

    you see most of them were singing songs
    and it occurred to me just vaguely though
    that we sing when we are happy
    but are they happy when they sing?

    then it came across to me how important it is to be kind

    smile at a stranger
    take the flyers from the people giving them out
    spend the loose change you don't need on tissue paper from that grey haired woman you see outside 313
    it probably won't make a difference to us, but it will to them

    greet everyone
    be cheerful
    be polite
    be kind

    i smiled at a bus driver on the way to the train station just a few days back
    she was a malay woman with a head scarf on
    she was wearing spectacles
    with so much sincerity, she gave such a sweet and wide smile in return
    she said "such a sweet girl smiling there"

    i probably made a difference for her that day
    just like how she made a rather significant difference in mine

    you see i felt this release
    like a.....sort of load being pushed off
    like kite strings being cut free
    i don't really know how to put it into words
    but it just made my day

    be kind