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    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    i must push on
    i must persevere
    i must be diligent
    i must be resilient
    i must set my priorities

    i need sleep
    i need time
    i need energy
    i need drive
    i need brains
    i need help

    i don't need food
    i don't need facebook
    i don't need formspring
    i don't need drama
    i don't need distractions
    i don't need boys
    i don't need girls
    i don't need love

    told my dad to drive me to school early tomorrow so i can study for my chemistry common test which i have barely studied for. Gotta get my chem equilibrium and ionic equilibrium right. I don't want to retain although i'm at a high risk of retaining sigh.

    not even studying yet sigh.
    where are my priorities.............

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