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    Sunday, April 24, 2011


    i know i havent been updating much and all coz of school :'( :'( :'( I have SYF next week on wednesday and 2 tests so I won't be updating as much :( But i PROMISE i'll make a third vlog!!! Comment/formspring me with topics you want me to talk about (lololol i sound like a youtuber but whatever) i have no ideas on what i should talk about in Vlog 3 LOL

    I also solemnly swear to post more pictures with my dslr....i know all my pix here are of me and more me using my photobooth. Sorry :'(

    I PROMISE TO UPDATE MORE ONCE THIS WEEK ENDS!!!!!!! are some pictures of me displaying my ACS PRIDE HAHAHAHAHA


    Hemraj said...

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    Cheryl said...

    what are those ACJC tee shirts used for in school? why need so many colors,hahahah :)