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    Monday, February 28, 2011


    I got the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga earpiece today. It was quite a rash decision to get it though. I was practicing and trying to complete H2 Mathematics (graphing techniques) today with the euphoric sounds of Olsen Olsen reverberating in my ears when all of a sudden the melody was rudely disrupted by a sudden silence in my left ear.

    I cannot study without plugging in. Which is why i'm quite particular when people talk to me when i'm plugged in. I absolutely hate it. I also cannot study with noise in the background.

    I took about an hour or so to walk around parkway with Fitri to look for this other pair by Dr Dre, till I found out later the ones that I wanted cost $ I decided to get Heartbeats instead. I've never really been particular about audio stuff hahaha I guess I just wanted a pair of earphones that could last. They look really nice though. And the quality is amazing.

    I am now.....$240 poorer. FRET NOT, A SELLING POST WILL BE COMING UP SOON

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    Anonymous said...

    Why the ACJC building looks old