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    Sunday, December 12, 2010

    CHECK IT OUT YA'LL FLEA IS ON 1ST AND THIRD LEVEL (third level very happening have disco lights all)

    Flea at Alcova today was quite good i guess! Even though it was squeezy as hell but with great company it doesn't really matter where you go :)

    Finally a decent post after so long I think i have been neglecting my blog like crazy. Need to bring my cam out more often. Speaking of which. I want a wide angle lens.........better not think too much about it i'm fucking broke. Urgh i hate december. I hate birthdays and I hate christmas. Not even kidding. I always stress out over what to buy everyone. Like you have to think of the perfect gift for people. I don't even think its fun, its like unnecessary stress. Especially when you're broke as fuck. Yup thats me!!!!! My new nickname shall be xiaobroke

    Goodbye!!! I think i wanna work again though anyone wna go job hunting with me this week????

    Okay before i end this post...........i just need to rant about nameless people who enjoy judging others. Next time, before you start a slam against someone you don't even know personally..think of how that person would feel:

    Your pimples are huge/ You have acne
    Dude don't act as if you've never had pimples in your life. Teenagers my age are undergoing a pubescent phase called puberty. EVERYONE undergoes a fucking hormonal imbalance okay??? You think we have a choice, you think we like having pimples?!?! Lol sorry we never had the chance to choose not to have enormous red spots on our faces????

    You are so ugly
    And you, my friend for saying this, look so much prettier???? Do you feel better telling someone they look hideous?? Well then YOU (pausing for dramatic effect) look like a fucking green bean casserole. How did that make you feel. Yea ok i know it doesn't really affect anyone because its meant to contain bits of dry humour but yea you get my drift. Ever heard of the sentence beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder???? Hahahahaahahahaha beauty is only skin deep but son your ugliness inside for saying all this about others is to the bone. Do you look better when you say someone looks ugly? No.

    You are so fat
    Sorry but not everyone wants to look like a jew in a nazi concentration camp. Not everyone cares about how many calories they eat. Not everyone wants to look like a fucking skeleton in a science laboratory. Deal with it bitch!!!!!!!! Not like you can change anything if you call someone "fat" or "obese" or "norbit" lololololllolol not like ANYONE'S GONNA CHANGE FOR YOUR SAKE.

    KKK thats all bye



    <3 your shoes. :D

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Do you, by any chance, live around Serangoon Gardens?

    Anonymous said...

    what's the song that used to be at your blog? its really nice :>

    Stephanie said...


    I wish i was! Thanks anyway :)

    Yup i do actually, i do live in gardens!

    Which song :( sorry i haven't had a song on my blog in ages! As in it autoplays or a youtube video?

    Anonymous said...

    autoplays :>

    Anonymous said...

    Good post :D