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    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Its ending tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tomorrow after my 8am paper (that ends at 9am) i am....
    1) Dyeing my hair red
    2) Threading my eyebrows (lol finally after 3 weeks)
    3) Getting my nails done
    5) L4D2 (probably???? been ages since i've played....i miss being smoker with longest smoke pull WHERE MY DAMAGE DONE WAS 1400 HOR NO KIDDING and jockey people back to safe house HAHA)
    6) Shoot at night
    7) Staying out LOL
    8) Pack for flea

    I almost forgot we had a flea on saturday. I have not packed anything. I don't think i'm going to do well for my chemistry mcq tomorrow. I don't think i'm going to do very well for Os....apart from math lol. I expect myself to get 2 distinction for maths (PLEASE GOD, AT LEAST A FUCKING A2 I MEAN I STUDIED FUCKING HARD FOR MATH), and conservatively perhaps Bs for the rest hahahahaha I don't want to expect anything else from the other subjects. Especially geography. I'm not even going to expect anything from chemistry anymore hahahaha i did not study for my mcq at all today. I don't even care anymore.


    I have so many plans for the next week. Like theres chalets and parties and stuff and i'm sooooo glad. I mean i dont think i have a curfew anymore?? Hahaha even if i still do................TO HELL WITH CURFEWS i'm staying out every fucking night.

    Ok thats all byebye time to bathe, and study for chem mcq!!!!! :D


    haz said...

    Dear Steph,

    i'd like to ask you a question. If you were the type who didn't like partying, but preferred staying at home and reading a book or whatever(although of course but enjoys going out with her friends sometimes), would you feel inferior to people who partied?

    I'm the kind who likes staying at home and people always tell me i'm such a loser for not wanting to party and stay out. On one hand I'm pissed because I'd rather be myself, but on the other I'm thinking perhaps I should try being a party girl.

    Sorry to treat you like an agony aunt- but I suppose a stranger would be more objective in their answer than my friends.

    Thank you.

    Stephanie said...

    Hello, wow I feel quite honoured that you're asking me for my opinion actually!

    I wouldn't feel inferior if I were you because its your own character traits....and personalities are supposed to be personal (lol). And since you enjoy what you're doing, why let other people influence you to do something you wouldn't like as much? I have friends that don't like partying either (i don't really know why but its quite fun actually) but i wouldn't really discriminate them or call them losers......

    You're probably an introvert right? I'm more of an extrovert so I wouldn't really know, but I like spending time at home too (sometimes). Maybe thats only because I've been staying at home for the past month studying hahaha. Whatever it is, be yourself :) Trying to be someone you're not just kills the real you inside and it doesn't make you any happier.

    Be proud of yourself, and stay yourself. So many people are trying desperately to be someone they're not that no one is true to themselves anymore. Just do what you love and fuck the rest, very clich├ęd but its the truth!


    Anonymous said...

    u look cute in bangs!! ^.^

    Anonymous said...

    Hello! Can u post a pix of u with ur new hair! Hehe kaypo. And so happy for you that O's are over! Happy for myself too hahaha

    Anonymous said...

    hi are you setting up a stall at FLB?

    haz said...

    Thank you Steph! :)

    This really gave me some comfort. Hope you'll have lotsa fun partying hard(but not too hard) for the next 3 months!! :D

    Anonymous said...

    Hi steph!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello, you site is very funny he told me to cheer up .. Merry Christmas.

    Anonymous said...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!