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    Thursday, October 21, 2010


    The Earth is dying.

    Everyone's complaining about the PSI, about the haze, about the heat, about how humid it is. Has it never occurred to anyone that it is our doing? We all live in this green (or should i say once green) planet and this planet is dying. Honestly, i'm starting to believe that the world will actually end in 2012. Even if it doesn't, at this rate of development (or should i say destruction), the world will probably die before I do, or before all of us do for that matter.

    Maybe I'm just being weird and sensitive, but honestly, if you would tell me 10 years ago about the problems of deforestation and air pollution, i wouldn't give a fuck. But the problem now is so fucking huge. I mean- look around you. The haze is motherfucking thick! What makes it worse is that this is going to contribute so much to global warming, and this will again increase the fucking temperature which will in turn force us to rely on air conditioners which will in turn increase temperature which will in turn ............. you get my drift.

    I hate humans.

    What makes it worse is that, yes, there is awareness. But this awareness is so minute. It almost seems as though no ones doing anything to save this precious earth we live in. I mean like honestly okay we want to develop our country we want better infrastructure, greater technology all that high tech shit but at the end of the day, if the earth dies......what the fuck do we have left? Has the heat gotten to all your fucking brains?!?!?!?!? I mean like, seriously!!! People!!!!!!!

    Maybe i'm just overreacting, but I really feel that I have to add my two bits in. Okay this sounds so lame, but it really has to be done......we need to save the environment. I mean i would want my children to still see the... the northern lights and alaska, venice, maybe? I don't want venice to sink under rising water levels.... I still want them to see the animals i saw as a kid, go to the botanic gardens maybe and enjoy the serenity of just being one with nature.........

    Fuck i'm such a geek. Don't mind me but i just felt that i had to express my feelings on the recent deforestation in indonesia. I just feel so fucking sad when trees that take 15 years to grow, are just chopped off in 5 minutes. Worse, these people in indonesia are burning them. Think of all the complete/incomplete combustion (lol chemistry right here) the products are carbon dioxide/monoxide and water vapour leh!!!! People!!!!! I just feel so sad when i see satellite images of the amazon forest getting smaller and smaller in size every fucking year. Can't people just see that destroying the environment will just eventually destroy ourselves? The Earth does not belong to man. Man belongs to the Earth. It almost feels as though we just barged right into mother natures home and took everything we could. That, in comparison would be like the protestants petrol bombing the roman catholics in northern ireland, with internment laws and such (lol fucking social studies)

    What irks me the most is, people see that there is a need to save the environment, but no one is doing anything about it :( We haven't even come to the new problem that we all will face in about 40 years time, the problem of e-waste, also known as electronic waste. I mean, have you ever thought where all your old phones went? There are some valuable metals in the phones that we used that can be easily recycled... however i guess people just derive pleasure from ripping the earth and mining- when we could all just take a little bit of extra effort to recycle.

    People :((((((( if you don't feel sad you may conclude that you are unfeeling and uncaring. This world we have, this world we all living, is a shared world. When we die it should still remain :((((( Lets not destroy this earth any further ok

    I think the o level stress may be getting to my head


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    Stephanie said...

    why thank you :)

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    Fitri said...

    1) I get your point.
    2) You gotta' chill.
    3) You have a good point (which I got)
    4) CHILL
    5) Yes, the O level stress is getting to your head
    6) CHILL
    7) SEE YOU SOON BABE (That was on purpose)

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    Wailing said...

    stop stressing out! you'll do fine. love you <3

    Anonymous said...

    yeah.. but then even we thought of doing something... like recycling etc but after awhile we forget. or if we're lazy to even recycle... and what's more. it's only like 30% who wants to try. The other are just some people who don't give a damn/not aware of how serious it is...

    Anonymous said...

    fucking cute sia

    Stephanie said...


    FITRIIRIRIRIRI I MISS YOU :((((((((((((((((



    Precisely! this problem is so huge and yet no one cares....i mean they just can't see how precious this Earth is. Out of so many solar systems and planets, so far this is the only planet found to have life??? Can't they see its like so rare and precious

    HAHA hallo tq