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    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Okay so apart from weight issues, (ok lol tell me which girl doesnt suffer from weight issues) I AM CONTENTED WITH LIFE

    O levels please give me my life back

    I can't fucking believe Os are in 8 days. What the fuck, i can count the number of days with both hands. I am afraid i don't live up to my (and so many other people) expectations. I have nightmares of getting back results lol. I don't want to update my blog on like january with " guys i got a 28 for os" or sth. I WANNA BE LIKE "I GOT MY FUCKING 6/7/8/9 POINTS MAFAKAZ. HA! THATS FOR SPITTING ON MA FACE AND TELLING ME IT COULDNT BE DONE" I am so nervous, so so so so so scared for sciences (ESPECIALLY CHEMISTRY) and now i realised i havent memorized my physics definitions properly. I had 5 hours of solid math tuition today. NEVER FELT BETTER. I rewarded myself with eyebrow threading (lol) my eyebrows are now well defined haha.

    I hate O levels..... my skin is suffering the most from this. My eyebags are all showing and i don't have enough sleep. I sleep at 3-4am every fucking day just trying to cram shit into my head (not working ha ha) and i wake up fucking late. My god my health better not take its toll on me. My period HASNT COME. Motherfuck i want it to come so badly now I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE MY PERIOD IN THE MIDDLE OF OS.

    Tonight, i'm going to- memorize more physics definitions, and complete studying organic chemistry followed by a chemistry paper 2. I swear i do not regret applying for DSA. I'm so fucking lucky i'll get into my dream jc even if i don't score as well. -sigh of relief- But still i want to prove to everyone i could have gotten in just as well with my score.

    Yup thats all for my rant i'm just so fucking stressed right now I can kill a cow

    On a lighter note everything is going to be over in 25 days. YES AH


    Anonymous said...

    whats that on ur nose? is it for removal of blackheads? where you got it from? how much? sorry for asking too much yeah but thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello you're so lucky to have DSA! i cant. and i'm in combine sciences. How? :(

    Anonymous said...

    You eyebrows are very pretty!!! Where did you thread them and was it painful?

    Stephanie said...

    yup yup its from watsons 5 dollars only HAHA

    yea i was quite lucky!!! Just try i guess, through ur cca?

    Haha thanks!!! At heartland mall in kovan HAHAHA ya i guess but the pain quite shiok ah