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    Thursday, June 24, 2010


    Heyheyheyyyyyyy life still sucks but retail therapy always helps :) :) :) Today i went to lido for a rather unproductive study session, gonna study at least 2 hours tonight! Went to find the scene kids @ cine for a very short while (matchmaking session lol) then went home. I've been going home very early recently.......i think my parents should be proud of me. Home @ 9.30/10.30 this should continue!!!! No more partying and what not. I hope jiayi is enjoying herself at sound series now. I hope she gives (she who shall not be named) the death glare hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Overall life is boring, mundane and like.......a waste lol maybe God should have given this life to someone who would appreciate it more. I am thankful to be alive i guess, but i think he would be happier if someone else lived this life to its fullest. I'm not exactly living anything to its fullest right now. My cup is half empty.

    I'm still searching for the meaning in life

    Gotta go


    Fitri said...

    S some Ds and L some Bs hahahahahahaha

    Stephanie said...

    WE LOVE S ing Ds BRO

    Anonymous said...

    what is your definition of 'scene kids'?

    Stephanie said...

    alexander camden tan

    Jiayi said...

    AAHAHHAHAHHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHHHA 'alexander camden tan' true true. he's our true blue scene king. anyway steph omg your birthday tomorrow and grrr fucked up man ss3 ok bb meet u soon ah

    Stephanie said...

    HAHAAHAAHAHAA FUNNY RIGHT yup meet me soon la u how was ss3 HAHAHHAHA