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    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Anyone interested in buying this dress ah
    Found my pokemon chops HEHEHEHEHE kept em since k1 ^^
    Agree with me this ferragamo bag damn nice

    Quite an enjoyable week. Time to start studying. Its 11.39 and i'm going to study math now. Bai world :)


    Anonymous said...

    how much is the dress? and fits uk what?

    Anonymous said...

    hey, what did you use to make that effect in your last 4 pictures? :) fisheye lens?

    Anonymous said...


    am just a reader ;)

    Anonymous said...

    what settings do you normally use?

    Anonymous said...

    How you do all the light streaks in your photo? You adjust the settings or just shake your cam?

    Althea said...

    Hahahah steph alison's picture v funny and i look like a freak ):

    Stephanie said...

    Quote!! Retails at 39.90 fits uk 6-10

    yup its a fisheye lens!

    HEHE YUP i got it when i was like 12

    Set to P and adjust random settings heh


    No you don't!!!! Which one u want me to delete??

    Anonymous said...

    stop trying to act like shanice

    Stephanie said...

    elaborate? Anything that makes u happy mafaka

    Anonymous said...

    who in this fucking world would want to act like shanice?! SHE IS SO UGLY AND RELIES ON MAKE UP. stephanie looks so much better aight

    Stephanie said...

    Hey, thanks for the comment! But I don't think you should say that about herrrrrrr everyone is beautiful. I think she's quite pretty tooo

    Stephanie said...


    ALS. said...

    Eh hi steph guess who guess who?
    AMBRA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I bet you didnt know I had a blog.
    a) i hardly ever go online
    b) i keep changing
    c) idk what c is haha
    okay not funny HAHAHAHAHA

    we hv same dress btw and i have th same white leotart as youu!!! im seriuz right here right nao
    ok bb x x x

    Stephanie said...

    HI AMBRA. Yes i know you have a blog la!!! UPDATE YOUR SELLIN BLOG

    HAHAHAHAHAHA WE GOT A LOT OF SAME THINGS i rmbur wardrobe we got same newlook polka dot top HAHAHAH

    no moving out of gardens allowed HAHAHA