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    Monday, February 8, 2010

    They don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.

    common tests have officially started- see you guys after chinese new year

    iraq and kuwait were part of the ottoman empire, they were former british colonies
    in 1961, kuwait gained independance, however, iraq refused to recognise kuwait's independance and tried to claim sovereignity. They attempted to claim kuwait by force but were, however, stopped by arab neighbours. Iraq stopped all claims after threats from arab neighbours and the british, also after inheriting a large sum of money from kuwait. However, iraq continued using military power to threaten kuwait over border disputes.

    Even after all this, kuwait still assissted iraq during the iraq-iran war by loaning a sum of $12/$14 billion(i cannot rmb exact amount) USD to iraq. This was partially due to the national interest of kuwait, as they were afraid that the rise of iran revolutionaries would lead to a rise in fundementalism.

    After the iraq-iran war, there was a decline in the relationship between iraq and kuwait. This is mainly due to three reasons- Economic decline, oil production, and territorial disputes. After the iraq-iran war, iraq owed countries like America and France a total of $80USD as they supplied food and war appliances during the war to iraq. Also, the cost of rebuilding and restructuring iraq cost a massive $230 USD. Thus, iraq had to find ways of increasing their economy. Iraq thought that oil production could help them pay off their debts. However, countries like kuwait and the UAE were overproducing oil, thus causing the prices of oil to drop drastically. The prices of oil dropped from $18 usd to $7 usd per barrel at one point. The opec limited the production of oil, however kuwait still continued overproducing oil. Iraq saw this as kuwait trying to wage an economic war on iraq. Furthermore, there were territorial disputes over the rumaila oilfield, and the 2 islands bubiyan and warbah. Iraq accused kuwait of using slant drilling techniques to steal oil from iraq's side of the oilfield, and demanded kuwait to stop producing oil from the oilfield at once, and to pay iraq a sum of (was it $64 billion usd?!?! i cant recall) as compensation for stealing. Kuwait refused, therefore the decline in the relationship. Furthermore, the islands bubiyan and warbah were given to kuwait by the british after its independance. The iraq's however refused to acknowledge this and tried to claim the islands by force. However they were stopped by neighbours and the british. This was because iraq's only port, Umm Qasr was shallow and mostly destroyed due to the war, and as the islands were strategically located off Umm Qasr, kuwait could stop all access to iraq's port. Therefore making it harder for iraq to transport oil out of it's country. Iraq wanted to lease the islands, however both countries did not come to a final agreement. These are the reasons leading to the decline in the relationship of iraq and kuwait

    kkkkk now to the next part gonna continue studying bye


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